Viking centres

VikingaTider in Löddeköpinge, Sweden

Viking settlement in Frederikssund, 

Trelleborgen in Trelleborg,Sweden

Foteviken Museum Höllviken, Sweden

Viking Fortress Trelleborg in Slagelse, Denmark

VikingaTider in Löddeköpinge, Sweden

VikingaTider is an archaeological open air museum showing what the landscape and buildings of the viking age would have looked like in Löddeköpinge. It is built on historical lands. On site we have one of the oldest christian burial grounds in southern Sweden, along with traces of not only one but two stave churches, the elder dating back to early 1100th century.  We arrange an array of events were you can have a try at viking crafts and daily life and learn about the viking age. 

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Frederikssund Viking Settlement, Denmark

The Frederikssund Viking Play is a major annual event that engages a lot of people in the city. The local interest in the Vikings has resulted in a small settlement. Five pit houses, a longhouse and a small harbor with bridge illustrates how the Vikings lived theire lives. In the pit houses different crafts are demonstrated and if you are lucky you run into some real Vikings!

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The Viking Fortress Trelleborgen in Trelleborg, Sweden

Trelleborgen is an outdoor museum with a Viking fortress. It is situated in the middle of Trelleborg, a city in southern Sweden. In 1988 remains of a Viking fortress were found in the city. It was the remains of one of the strongholds Harald Bluetooth built to unify and defend his Viking Empire in the 900s. Today a quarter of the fortress has been recreated. The museum also contains a Viking exhibition, café and shop as well as a Viking farm with a longhouse, pit houses and a garden.


Fotevikens Museum in Höllviken, Sweden

Foteviken Museum with its Viking town is one of Scandinavia's biggest archaeological open-air museums. Here you can take a stroll in the world's only reconstructed Viking town! Follow the narrow streets and discover the smithy, bakery, a large banquet hall, lookout tower and much more.

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Trelleborgen in Slagelse, Denmark

One of the places where the Vikings way of life can be best experienced by us modern humans are in the Viking Castle Trelleborg near Slagelse on West Zealand. In the beautiful countryside remains of one of Harald Bluetooth’s great Viking ring castles is clearly exposed. It was built in the 980s but still the remains of the fortress, houses and graves are evident in the landscape. You will also find a museum, a shop and a Viking longhouse built in 1930s.

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