The Vikings

Klan Frederikssund
Frederikssund Vikings is a playful crowd who like to amuse and entertain everyone they meet. Their village is conveniently located where the Roskilde fjord meets the fertile fields of Denmark and both men and women are well grown and strong. They are a dangerous contender in the battle for the Queen's favour.

Klan Trelleborgen, trelleborg
The team from the Swedish Trelleborgen live life in youth and happiness at a bustling trading post at the queendom's southernmost coast. Ambitious as they are they come well prepared for the competitions. A victory would give them the Queen's favour and get their trade and Viking stronghold to flourish.

Klan Foteviken
The Vikings from Foteviken are hardened by life on the windswept coastline. Many of their fighters are advanced in years and usually win on their cunning and experience. But will their opponents be surprised by the visiting youths who brings to the team both strength and agility?

Klan Trelleborg, Slagelse
Vikings from the Danish Trelleborgen live well in the protection of their large Viking stronghold. Here they hone their skills and tactics into perfection. It is no wonder that they stood as last year's winner. Now it's time for them to fight to defend their title!

Destination Viking
Öresund Event Center
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