Thyra with entourage

Queen Thyra
It is the end of 900s and Queen Thyra reigns in her kingdom around Copenhagen and on both sides of Öresund. The kind and mighty Queen  have great dreams of uniting the Vikings and build a bridge over the water that separates them. In her quest to unite the Vikings she wants to form a strong, loyal and valiant hird in order to preserve the peace in the region. In Viking Games she let the Vikings challenge each other. The winner does not only earn honour and wealth but also an important position at the Queen's side.  

Signe is the Queens most beloved daughter. Queen Thyra is eager to find Signe a suitable husband in order to gain herself an important ally. But is it possible that the self-minded young lady has her own romantic plans which do not comply with the Queen?

Meet Ragnar - the Queens humble and hen-pecked right hand that she controls with an iron fist. But is Ragnar really as humble and loyal as he seems to be? Or does this seemingly downtrodden man have a hidden agenda? The intrigue between Queen Thyra and Ragnar leads to both conflict and interesting, sometimes comical solutions.

Judge Sven the Honest
The vigorous lawman Sven the Honest has been invited to be the judge of the Viking Games. He is loyal to Queen Thyra and known to be a just, respected and incorruptible man. But how will he handle Ragnar's mischief? Can he keep his head straight and judging fair despite the manipulative Ragnar by his side?

The local chiefs
The local chiefs are keen to win the Queen's favour and will do almost anything to defend their interests. Who has the strongest and most cunning Vikings in his hird and ends the day at Queen Thyras side? It is a position of great power and significant influence well worth fighting for.

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