The competition


This is a classic skill that the Vikings are forced to master in both war and peace. To defend themselves and also to trap prey and avoid going hungry

Draw skin

Here the women show who has the strongest hands. They tug and pull a tough animal skin until only one victor keeps the leather in her hand. They are allowed to trap and trick but not to hit or kick the opponents.

Draw sword

Weight and brute strength is important to the men competing in “draw sword”. But without cunning and cooperation also the strongest Viking will see himself defeated in this game.

The Horse

This is a balancing act that requires it’s male or female. Sit on the horse while knocking down the pieces around you without touching the ground.

G0 to Island

This game will put the whole team's strength and agility to the test. Who will build a human bridge that reaches all the way to Iceland?

Throw Axe

The small battle axes wines quickly through the air and hits its target with impressive precision. Watch out! You don’t want to stand in the way!

The home teams challenge

The home team is given a great advantage when they get to challenge their opponent in a secret competition. Of course, they have chosen a challenge that gives them a major advantage - or have they underestimated their opponents?

Tug of War

After a full day of though games, one might think that the Vikings are tired and longing for a pint of mead. But it is not weaklings but Vikings competing! Together, they challenge each other and the audience in a final showdown.

Destination Viking
Öresund Event Center
European Union
Wonderful Copenhagen
Event in Skåne
Region Skåne